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What are masternodes?

Masternode - is a server in a decentralized network that is used to perform unique functions. Masternodes are used for direct / instant transactions as well as for private transfers.

Nowadays masternodes are becoming more popular and more and more coins are supporting the creation of platforms for serving nodes in a cryptocurrency network.

Our company works with various platforms for servicing masternodes and investing coins in various services which support masternodes.

The company aso is actively developing new unique servers to increase the throughput of the main nodes as well as for faster transaction processing.

What are the benefits of investing in the masternodes?

Nowadays masternodes take an important place in the crypto-currency world. More and more cryptocurrencies are running their own masternodes that daily launch millions of transactions in the Bitcoin network and other cryptocurrencies. Masternod system is being improved every day thanks to cryptocurrency developers who work daily to scale them.
Earnings on masternodes ranges from 8% to 5,000% per year. Nodes that bring less rates, they are more stable and work longer. Only professionals who track all the arrivals of new nodes, and correctly diversify their assets can earn nodes that bring huge percentage. The yield of various nodes, you can see on this site:

What are the risks of investing in masternodes?

Our platform takes into account the risks connected with investing that’s why it diversifies customer funds across platforms. Investors' funds are directed to the purchase of various nodes as well as the creation of their own servers.

How long does it take to reach a net profit?

It depends on the tariff plan that the investor acquires. Specialists have developed tariff plans for our platform with different periods of work and payback. An investor who buys tariffs from $ 1000 and above, receives 2 types of income that are sent to Cash wallet (main wallet) and Nod wallet (additional wallet).

How is it planned to develop a platform around the world?

We plan to develop according to the roadmap that we present to our partners. Besides during 2019, new partnerships with the developers of platforms for masternodes are being planned where we can connect to the main servers of the network. The roadmap will be updated every year according to the item in the “Partnership Agreement”

In which countries is the development being planned and which markets are promising?

At the moment we are working and cooperating with European countries. Promising for us are Asia, India, UAE. We also plan cooperation in Africa and other countries.

What is trading ?

Trading - is trading on the stock exchange, with the aim to buy and sell profitably. It can be a computer which trades, hired trader or personally you. In any case, it is necessary to understand the basics of the exchange and to know at least the classical sale and purchase schemes - both to control your assets and to trade in your own.

What does a trader need?

Good theoretical base. Knowledge of the rules of trade. Algorithm of trading. The understanding how the exchange works itself. The ability to plan. Accumulated capital. Constant analysis of transactions on the stock exchange. It is necessary to keep statistics of your transactions and notice your mistakes. Develop new trading strategies. Make conclusions.

Trading strategies?

Without a well-prepared and proved trading strategy, a trader will not be able to achieve stable positive results. Trading without a thought-out plan, based only on intuition, always leads to a loss of money.

Trade effectiveness?

The profitability of trading in the market directly depends on the effectiveness of the chosen strategy. Experienced traders can get 100% profit within a year. A beginner will not be able to get such a result immediately. Experience and individual qualities of the player will help to choose an effective strategy that brings a stable income.

What risks are present?

Beginners should pay special attention to risks. Having the same amount of money on the account, two traders, working on the same trading system, but with different risks will earn unequal amounts of money. The higher the risks, the greater the profit and vice versa. But with a high percentage of risk can be completely left without money.

What are trading bots ?

Trading robots are programs that serve to fully or partially automated trading. They use special trading strategies in which bots open and close positions within a split second.

What are the advantages of trading bots?

Trading bots give the opportunity to the trader not to devote a significant part of his time to analyzing the market and price movements on various currency pairs. Bots have advantages over human beings, mainly due to their ability to make deals in fractions of a second, 24/7. Unlike people programs are devoid of emotions, they can work with a large number of exchanges and currency pairs.

What are the decisions of trading bots?

The actions of bots obey the given rules and algorithms. For example, a bot can take into account such market parameters as price, size, available in the order book, time, etc. They can also take into account data from technical indicators, for example, exponential moving averages (EMA) or Bollinger bands, as well as various variables specified by the user.

What are the types of trading bots?

Simple bots operate on the basis of ready-made scenarios that guide them in a given situation. The algorithms which is embedded in them, as a rule, can be edited, since it is unlikely that once tuned bots will provide a stable income in the long run. “Smart” bots. Solutions of this kind are usually capable of self-learning. They can be based on neural networks and machine learning algorithms that increase the speed and depth of analysis. Such bots are usually more expensive and more difficult to use. Adviser robots can be related to both the first and the second categories. From the very name it is clear that such decisions give recommendations, and do not make transactions. Such programs are also often used in the context of trust management, when a remote broker manages API transactions.

Risks of automated trading?

Many experts believe that high-frequency trading creates an excessively high load on the financial market infrastructure. Auto-trading systems can place several orders per second for each instrument, when only a small part of these orders lead to transactions. Thus, the exchange infrastructure is loaded, most of the time idling. Besides, automated trading systems are connected with the risks of software, hardware or human errors.

What are the manipulations?

In the cryptocurrency market, unfair automated trading techniques such as spoofing and fake transactions (wash trades) are thriving. In the first case, the bot piles up fake orders, creating the illusion of high market demand / supply, misleading traders. Wash trades implies a situation when a bot performs purchase / sale transactions with itself, creating the illusion of great activity on the market, as well as overestimating trading volumes and asset prices artificially.