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To use ITN Coin for POS Mining purposes, as well as to store your coins, you need to download the wallet to your laptop. Our wallet is available for all laptop versions.

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For the convenience of storing and using ITN Coin, you can install on your smartphone a mobile application that is available for IOS and Android. Now the application is under development. Soon it will be available.

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How it works?

ITN Coin works on POS technology that opens up two earning opportunities: staking and masternodes.

Since the coin is a special development of the ITN Group platform, it introduced yet another earning opportunity for users, which allows the coin to be popularized at a higher speed.

In order to participate in this mining method and earn money you need to:

enable Staking in your wallet;

for this you need to openitn.conf (or by clicking Tools-> Open configuration file, either by going to AppData in dir ITNcoin)

write to the file on a new line:staking=1

save and close, run the wallet;

then the wallet automatically starts mining blocks using the available coins if they have reached the minimum maturity (7 days)

when sending coins to someone for Staking, you can enable it beforeCoin Control

Settings -> Options -> Purse -> Enable coin management features

after which, in the sending interface, among other things, a function will appear Split UTXO

here you can choose which of the available inputs with coins will be used for sending

if you select a specific input (s) and specify>Split UTXO,a number will appear to the right, what will be the number of ITNs in each outgoing sent, into which the transaction is divided

each such received input will become a stak in your wallet after 7 days, if you do not spend them


Bonus program for active users of the coin - in order to become a member of this program and participate in earnings you need to:

Set a coin wallet that is suitable for your OS

To get Buy ITN Coin to earn money coins

Get a personal wallet number

Start promoting Coin through social networks and recommend it to your friends.

By promoting Coin through social networks and your friends, you help the community grow faster, promote ITN Coin and open up higher earning opportunities.

To buy Coin, the user will be asked to insert the wallet of the person who invited him and thereby a new member receives a 5% discount on the purchase of ITN Coin in his wallet.

The bonus program is automatic in the blockchain of a coin without the intervention of a third party according to the formula:

  • 1 level

  • 2 level

  • 3 level

  • 4-10 level

  • 11-20 level


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Coin advantages

The speed of processing transactions on the network up to 2 minutes is an ideal ratio of security and transaction speed.

Lack of DDoS attacks on the network.

This is the essence of its decentralization, network nodes detect each other and connect automatically, subsequently exchanging lists of active nodes with each other without intermediaries, building an autonomous chain of connections, so even inaccessibility or disconnection of one of the nodes cannot lead to network inaccessibility.

Lack of a central server - the coin is completely decentralized. One of the main ideas of cryptocurrencies.

The contents of the blockchain are fully distributed, the release of any information in it is replicated to all nodes of the network for the possibility of independent data validation and elimination of the point of failure.

Anonymity - KYC is not required for purchases and transfers on the ITN COIN network.

Maximum network security:

Given that the network consensus is provided by the PoS protocol, without more coins on hand than the rest of the network, it is impossible to influence its operation.

The participation of masternodes in the network’s operation is also safe for it: even if summing up all the coins participating in the work of masternodes, they won’t be able to influence the network’s operation for two reasons: 1) these coins cannot be directly involved in PoS-mining and single block issuance , these coins provide only the work of the masternode; 2) masternodes have different owners.

Any attempt to violate the consensus or the operation of the protocol leads to ignoring by the rest of the network of this node or masternode and the blocks / messages issued by them, because of which the party trying to influence the operation of the protocol simply remains isolated from the rest of the network.

Opportunities for earning. Given that the coin works on PoS technology, there should be two possibilities for earning: staking and masternode. But our developers have implemented a special program for active participants in the blockchain of coins that will be inside the blockchain and no one will have access to it except for the participants. That is, the ability to earn by promoting the coin all through the blockchain - excluding the human factor.

Open code - allows each user to verify the decentralization of the coin and download for themselves to check everything. Verification Link - Github

This system is unique in its kind - as it allows you to popularize a coin without unnecessary advertising, while giving participants the opportunity to earn more than other coins that use POS technology.

If you have any questions regarding earnings on POS mining or the bonus system in the ITN COIN blockchain, you can contact us at:[email protected]